Gradings and abbreviations deutsch


The records are graded optically and most of them acoustically, too (record optic / record acoustic / cover). If two gradings are stated in one of the record grading columns, it means Side A / Side B. The condition of the records graded acoustically includes the press-quality: the records play exactly as they are graded. Therefore I grade many LPs in top condition not better than "ex+". Apart from that my gradings are strict and fit the international standard.

m = Absolutely without surface noise
ex = A few disturbing noises, often because of the pressing
vg = Stronger and steady disturbing noises, some scratches
g = A lot of disturbing noises, strong scratches
p = More or less unplayable

The covers here offered are also seldom better than "ex" because of the thinner cardboard, the often missing working up (lac, cellophane) and the often careless treatment through East European record buyers and listeners. So you will see worn corners and edges, records appearing in outlines on the covers, damages left behind by price tickets, torn cover backs, edges pasted over with adhesive tapes or short messages written down by owners or musicians.

m = Like new, without any defects
ex = With slight damages, often only because of the age
vg = With damages described above
g = Definitively in a bad shape, often also torn
p = Ruined


APB = Archive of the Polish Beat
B = Belgium
BG = Bulgaria
BH = Bosnia
CG = Montenegro
co = Cut out
CS = Czechoslovakia
D = West Germany & United Germany
DDR = East Germany
EP = Extended play
foc = Fold out cover
GR = Greece
Gram. Klub = Gramophone Club
HR = Croatia
HU = Hungary = Original inner sleeve
ins = Insert
MK = Macedonia
MLP = Mini-LP
NL = Netherlands
MSi = Maxi-Single
or = First pressing
PL = Poland
RE = Reissue
RO = Romania
SI = Slovenia
SR = Serbia
SU = Soviet Union
UK = United Kingdom
YU = Yugoslavia